Happy Holidays: Cheers to Healthy Teeth

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Happy Holidays from the staff at Webster Dental in Downers Grove! The holidays are always a magical time of year. A time to spend time with family and friends—and enjoy the seasonal food and drinks. Eating healthy during the holidays can be challenging, but mindful and strategic eating can help you prevent cavities and keep your smile gleaming for the New Year.


Christmas sweetsVisions of Sugar Plums Dance in your Head

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but the holidays without Christmas sweets aren’t much fun. Did you know that reducing how often you consume sugar during the day could minimize the potential harm to your teeth? Sugar frequency can have a bigger impact on developing tooth decay than the total volume of sugar ingested overall.

Why? Because whenever we eat something sugary, bacteria in our mouths feed on the sugar and produce acid as a waste product. This attacks the enamel on your teeth which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. It is referred to this as a sugar attack and can last up to 30 minutes. To allow time for saliva to wash away the acids and replenish enamel in between the teeth, it is advised that you have no more than 3-4 sugar attacks a day.

For healthy teeth, stick to 3-4 meals a day, avoid snacking in between, and have sugary drinks and treats with your meals (within a 30-minute window). If you have a dessert within half an hour of finishing your meal, it is part of the same sugar attack. After 30 minutes, it becomes an additional sugar attack.


Fluoride Festivities

It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene regime during all the holiday festivities. Remember to brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste, and clean interdentally every night to combat bacteria and ensure your pearly whites stay as white as the snow.

By being smart, eating well, and watching your sugar intake, you can have fun and keep your teeth healthy. We wish you a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

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